A little about the City of Alachua


Alachua, Florida – from notoriety in the Wall Street Journal to local news on-line, this little city has it going on… The once referred to “bedroom” community just outside Gainesville, Florida has moved up the ladder as far as little towns go. The development within and around the city has generated high-tech, high touch, high demand and cutting edge attention from a plethora of fortune 500 lookers.

From corner to corner, this town has something for everyone. Alachua has a population of roughly 6800 people, a diverse economic structure and a picturesque Main Street straight out of the 50’s. Small family owned shops are nestled along the serpentine street that is adorned with ever changing foliage of the Bradford Pear tree. Store fronts shine with pride, windows are filled with suggestions of garden grandeur, healthy concoctions, and a new candy store that offers the taste of yesteryear. You can enjoy the famous Monster Burger from Conestogas or stroll down the street to a café drenched in sunshine yellow walls, friendly smiling faces serving fresh baked muffins with your favorite gourmet coffee to get a morning started and catch up on all the happenings around town. You may even see a feathered friend or get to watch a new generation of Alachua taking his first steps while growing up on Main Street.

A little further down the street is an Alachua icon. An old family home is now masterfully restored to the grand elegance of it’s glorious youth. Govinda’s restaurant showcases quintessential southern architecture. This picture perfect example, complete with white picket fence, flower laden gardens and soft aroma from the kitchen will be forever etched into your memory.

Over one block from Main Street is a new development anchored by the small town Post Office where greeting customers by first name is common, inquiring about a neighbor, their dog or cat and even handing out a recipe or friendly advice is an accepted and cherished part of the daily routine for the town folk. The new shopping center will become home to a grocery store that has roots as long as the street bearing it’s family name of Hitchcock. The development is new, but the look and feel is purely Alachua. Much care has been given to the design element of having the old style brick store front look for all new occupants of the Alachua Towne Centre. While many cities worry about the development of a shopping center detracting from a quaint downtown, the developers of this hot spot have incorporated all of the charm and gone the extra mile to include a strolling pathway that takes you through a small city park under the canopy of grand daddy oaks.

At the top of the hill going toward the newest traffic light, (that makes three now) is Alachua Gateway Center, another new development underway has begun carving out a place among a grove of towering Live Oaks, amid the lace like covering of Dog Wood trees. This area will offer another hot spot for new businesses, restaurants, shops and tourist stop-ins. The beautiful setting will showcase the blending of nature and development. This developer has proposed keeping the flavor of the Florida style architecture throughout the complex. Imagine yourself surrounded by soft pastel colored stores, front porch wrapped, rocking chair clustered, style shops in the cool shade of a 100 year old umbrella of an Oak. You will want to sit and take in the feeling of Alachua, so make sure you make time to enjoy this hot spot.

Just a little further west along the highway 441 corridor is a new development that has provided over 400 jobs to the community. The development pocket is surrounded by rolling hills, horse farms, and easy access to Interstate 75. With 1700 acres along the borders of major highway, railway and nearby airway access, this hot spot will reach far into the future of Alachua and adjoining communities.

Back to the east of town is Progress Corporate Park, home to several high tech research and manufacturing firms that have added hundreds of jobs and brought world recognition to this hot spot. Some twenty five, and growing number, Bio technology, genetic research, agricultural and environmental engineering firms call this corner of Alachua home. This environment rivals the most modern of Business Parks in design, technology, and location. Residents enjoy tropical landscaping, manicured gardens and the lush green space of adjoining San Felasco State Park. Just across the way is a new State office building that has all manner of stateliness in every detail. From the meticulous angular design to the crisp flag waving in the ever present Florida sunshine, this new addition to the 441 corridor family of businesses is an enhancement of the area and a welcomed neighbor.

Through the woods and around a bend or two you will find lazy fields and wild flowers decorating the panoramic setting of one of Alachua’s jewels. Amidst the campus like layout of buildings that dot the landscape, an air of serenity lulls you to the home of Medical Manager Health Systems. The company develops, markets, implements and supports physician practice management software systems, which addresses the financial, administrative, clinical and practice management needs of healthcare providers.

All along the 441 business trail you will find unique business endeavors that have come to call Alachua, Florida home. Sabine, Inc. manufactures world-famous professional audio equipment and musical instrument accessories is located just off 441 in a new 45,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility. Across the road is J.A. Webster, supplier of veterinary products across the United States.

Another neighbor on this stretch of the road is Moltech Power Systems manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and OEM supplier. Southern Precast Concrete Manufacturers also call this part of the country home as well.

Don’t think that Alachua is just business and no fun. About seven miles outside the City proper is a playground for the golfer, tennis buff, and swimmer. Turkey Creek Golf and Country Clubis a hot spot with a cool choice of fun for the family. This gated community offers Country Club atmosphere with an open arms welcome to guests that want to enjoy a Sunday Brunch or 18 holes of first class golf.

Within minutes of Alachua you will find the worlds largest fresh water natural springs. Poe Springs, Blue Springs, and Ginnie Springs are the renowned cave diving mecca. The pure crystal clear water stays at a tingling 72 degrees all year. Whether you are escaping a sultry 100 degree Florida heat wave or basking in the warm February sunshine and taunting neighbors you left behind in the snow, you will have no doubt about the hot spot here. A visit to our corner of paradise will engulf you in tropical sounds, smells and a taste of Florida that will linger with you a lifetime.

That brings us to the places you may consider putting down roots and becoming part of the colorful fabric of this community. We have some of the most scenic country roads you will ever drive. They are draped with Spanish moss laden tendrils that sway in the gentle Florida breeze as you wind your way from settlement to settlement. We have some of the most gorgeous neighborhood developments you could imagine. Dramatic entranceways beckon you to a safe homestead that has Florida today incorporated with all the beauty of our rich past and the glisten of this new millennium. A drive through any of the ranchette style farm sites will give you a perspective of balance and harmony with the natural beauty of each unique setting. If you are more inclined to village style living, we have that too.

We have the best of both worlds right in the heart of downtown. Single-family home sites within a block of town. If you fancy no drive time you have found your place in the world. Alachua Towne Centre has combined store front retail with living quarters above for the look and feel of a century past, just packaged with all the modern conveniences and amenities you could ever desire.

Alachua calls from its past, prepares for its future and prides itself on some of the most outstanding scenery, business and people you will ever find. We are unique, we are hot, we are where you want to be.
By C. Huess