How to write a business plan

A Google search for "write a business plan" yields more than 40 million results, each offering resources, advice, templates and more. If this leaves you overwhelmed and confused about how to tackle this important undertaking, please watch this SCORE on-demand webinar.

SCORE mentors offer "ExpertAnswers" to audience questions submitted by email and chat. You'll have a chance to hear from SCORE mentors about how to write your business plan - and to learn how other entrepreneurs are doing the same thing.

THe How, Why and ROI of Social Selling

Are you struggling to generate sales from your social media efforts? 

"Technology Therapist" Jennifer Shaheen can help. In this webinar, she discusses the strategies that work — and the hype to avoid — so that the time and effort your company invests in social selling generates more leads, prospects and customers. Watch to learn:

  • Which social platforms are best for your business

  • How to extend social selling beyond social media

  • What tools you need to be successful

  • Why it's important to train your staff to sell in a social world

  • How to track the return on your time investment

May 28, 2023

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